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Mulcahy LLP is a boutique litigation firm that provides legal services to franchisors, manufacturers, distributors, and other companies in the areas of antitrust and trade regulation, intellectual property and unfair competition, and franchise and distribution law. Our years of hands-on experience as former General Counsels and seasoned litigators provide us with the expertise to achieve our clients' business goals. Based in Southern California, we serve clients nationwide.

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    Practice Areas
    Mulcahy LLP specializes in providing legal services to franchisors, manufacturers, distributors, and other businesses in the following areas ...

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    At Mulcahy LLP, our attorneys have litigated over 100 trials to conclusion. Understanding that clients have different business and litigation objectives, we tailor our strategy.

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  • ADR Cases
    We know success in arbitration requires substantial experience and sophistication as well as in-court litigation at the front-end and back-end of the proceedings.

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California State Bar Franchise Law Committee - Case Report – November 2014

Frango Grille USA, Inc. v. Pepe’s Franchising Ltd., Business Franchise Guide (CCH) P 15,390 (July 21, 2014)

Selectively Enforcing Franchise Agreements

The contractual rights and responsibilities of the individual franchisees in a particular franchise system are generally uniform throughout that system. The franchisor achieves this homogeneity by (1) amending or supplementing earlier versions of its franchise agreement to reflect its current version of the document, and (2) requiring all franchisees to adhere to a single operations manual. Uniform obligations help instill consistency in the brand and simplify the franchisor’s monitoring and enforcement efforts.

California State Bar Franchise Law Committee - Case Report – October 2014

Iskanian v. CLS Transportation Los Angeles, LLC, 59 Cal. 4th 348 (2014), petition for cert. filed, No. 14-341 (September 22, 2014).

INBLF Annual Summit to be hosted at U.S. Supreme Court

The International Network of Boutique Law Firms (“INBLF”) has recently announced that its tenth annual “Black Tie” event will be held in Washington D.C., the weekend of October 9, 2014. The event will culminate in a “Black Tie Dinner” hosted by Justice Samuel Alito in the Great Hall of the U.S. Supreme Court.



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